I know I’m quite young – but I started early! I was lucky enough to grow up in Germany, France, China, Michigan, and all of the big Texas cities. Along the way I picked up languages and plenty of experience. I attended school at UT Dallas and UT Austin, experiencing what it’s like to study Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics (yet I don’t quite have that sweet degree…) I worked my way through university as a server and  bartender at a handful of restaurants. Eventually, I turned my focus to growing my own businesses looking for opportunities to improve existing processes in the construction and real estate industries. 

CEO & Executuve Project Manager

Locally Owned and Operated outdoor living construction company delivering better products, more affordably, by leveraging & implementing new technologies.


512 Property Solutions, LLC

An operation I set up to manage my 8 unit short term rental property. Will expand in due time.

Project Manager, Sales, Design

Austin Home & Yard

Worked with customers to design residential and commercial custom construction products.