On one hand I do deeply regret not finishing higher education at the same time as my peers. On another I am incredibly grateful for the path I’ve chosen which I would argue I learned much more from. In the year I was supposed to graduate I started a business that has earned over 4 million in revenue since. I’ve learned how to do drywall, plumb, install circuit breakers, manage people, hire out, delegate, build websites (like this one,) network, instruct crews, and much more. I’ve also learned that school… is in fact cool. My future studies and the degree I work towards will be earned not in angst at the possibility of not having a career. Until then, enjoy my current Education page 🙂

Applied Mathematics

University of texas at Austin

Spent 3 semesters at UT Austin while working in the service industry full time. Stopped higher education after buying a home in January 2020. I plan to acquire a degree by 2026. 

Electrical Engineering

University of Texas at Dallas

Spent 2 years in Undergraduate Studies leaving to Austin in order to provide financial assistance to my family.